What is the Mobile Directory?

One of the features available to teams with multiple Mobile Business Cards is the Mobile Directory. If turned on, you can easily build a searchable directory listing of all the Mobile Business Cards within your team or organization.

See a demo.

Each of your Mobile Business Cards has two Directory settings to be aware of:

  1. Include/exclude any Mobile Business Card from your directory listing. Do this from the vizCard Manager screen by selecting the checkbox next to each account you wish to include in your directory. You can update this any time. 
  2. Display/hide the Directory link on any individual Mobile Business Card. Do this on the My Mobile Business Card tab for the individual mobile business cards.

These two settings are not connected to each other. So you can choose to include someone in your Directory but not have the Directory link display on their Mobile Business Card. Or alternatively, you can have the Directory link display on their Mobile Business Card, but not include them in the listing.


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