Share My Online Identity

Share My Online Identity


Share your vizCard using the latest mobile technology of your choice. Any time someone scans, taps, clicks or uses one of your sharing options below they will instantly see your vizCard. Put your QR code on business cards, resumes, presentations, and more. Put your vizCard link in email signatures, online profiles, blogs and more.

Scans & Taps

QR Code         

Your QR code instantly shares your vizCard when scanned by virtually any smartphone. Download your personal QR Code and place it on your printed business cards, your resume, presentations and anywhere else you want. Your QR code is a PNG file, and can be used with virtually any word processing or graphic design and layout application. If you would like to create your own QR Code separate from vizCard, you can copy your QR Code URL provided into any QR code generator. 

QR Code Business Cards instantly connects your printed business card with your Mobile Business Card. Easily add your QR Code to your next set of business cards by ordering through the parent company of vizCards,  ALL-STATE LEGAL.

Need your QR code in another format or color? Learn about other options for generating your vizCard QR code.


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