Mobile Business Card User Guide

There are many ways that you might find yourself viewing a vizCard on your smartphone, tablet or computer. You may have scanned a QR code, or clicked a link in an online bio or email signature, or used any of the other "digital bridge" options vizCard provides Mobile Business Card owners:

  • QR Code
  • Web link
  • Email signature link
  • vCard link

Read below to learn about the different features and options available on the Mobile Business Card.

Getting to Know the Mobile Business Card

Not all vizCard Mobile Business Cards look and act the same. Each card owner can personalize their Mobile Business Card to show or hide just the information they want to share. There are 6 main sections to a vizCard Mobile Business Card (Note: View Our People section is offered to organizations setup with multiple vizCards), all of which can be turned on or off, as well as arranged in any order. By default they are in this order:

1. Mobile Branding

The logo is the only section that cannot be moved to a different position, but it can be turned off by the card owner. It is always displayed at the top of the Mobile Business Card, unless it has been turned off.

2. Contact Me

The card owner can customize this section, move it to a different position, or turn it off completely. If turned on, this section can include:

  • Photo - the photo can be turned on or off by the owner
  • Full Name - the full name will always be displayed; longer names may get truncated in the portrait/vertical orientation
  • Job Title - they may choose to include their job title or not
  • Tap-to-Call - if the card owner provided a phone number, tap this button to call them directly
  • Tap-to-Email - if the card owner provided an email address, tap this button to send them an email
  • Tap-to-Text - if the card owner provided a mobile number, tap this button to send them a text message

3. Share My Business Card

The card owner can move this section to a different position or turn it off completely. If turned on, this section includes options to:

  • Download vCard - download the card owner's vCard and add their details right to your contacts
  • Email vCard - email the card owner's vCard to yourself or someone else
  • Text vizCard - text the card owner's vizCard to yourself or someone else
  • Follow vCard - each of the options above gives you the option to follow the card owner's vCard so you receive an updated vCard if they make changes in the future; just set this to Yes and enter your email address and you'll never have to worry about keeping that person's information up to date again

4. My Links

The card owner can move this section to a different position or turn it off completely. If turned on, the card owner can choose to include as many links as they want, in any order they choose. The types of links you will see here include online bios, social profiles, videos, real estate listings, blogs, directions, photos and more.

5. View Our People

vizCard provides services to teams and organizations of all sizes. One of the features available to teams with multiple Mobile Business Cards is the Mobile Directory. If turned on, tap this to see a searchable directory listing of all the Mobile Business Cards within that organization. Tap any of the directory entries to go directly to that individual's Mobile Business Card.

6. My Details

The card owner can choose to share as much or as little of this information as they want. Anything displayed in this section is also included in the card owner's vCard. The following sections (if visible) are also active links:

  • Address - tap to open the address in Google Maps to get directions
  • Website - tap to go to the card owner's website
  • Email - tap to send the card owner an email
  • Work - tap to call the card owner
  • Mobile - tap to call the card owner

Your Privacy

When interacting with a vizCard Mobile Business Card, you will encounter options to share your location details and email address with the card owner. You always have the option to opt-out of sharing any of your information. And while it is not required to share any of this information in order to use the Mobile Business Card, it can enhance the experience for both you and the card owner.

For example, when viewing a Mobile Business Card for the first time, your web browser will ask you for your permission to share your location data. If you accept, your location will automatically be included in the vCard Notes (along with any other notes you may have added) when you download a card owner's vCard.

You can view Privacy Policy by going on our home page, under Support, click Privacy Policy.

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