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Add Vizibility to Google Profiles
You can easily add your Vizibility SearchMe Link to your Google Profile. Before you begin, sign into Vizibility and copy your SearchMe Link. You'll find your SearchMe Link on the account management page. It looks like "".
After copying your SerachMe Link, sign into your Google Profile and click the "Edit profile" link. 
Scroll down to the Links section and add a new Custom Link and paste your Vizibility SearchMe link into the URL" field. 
Type "Google Me" or something similar in the "Link name" field. 
Click "Add"
Click the "Save Changes" button at the bottom of the page. 
You're done! Your Vizibility SearchMe Button is now displayed on your Google Profile. If you have a Vizibility Premier account, you will be notified by text message or email whenever someone clicks on this link.

It's easy to add your vizCard Mobile Business Card to your Google+ profile. Before you begin, sign into myvizCard and copy your vizCard Web Link. You'll find your Web Link on the Share My Online Identity tab. 

  1. After copying your Web Link, sign into Google+ Profile and click the Edit profile link. 
  2. Scroll down and click in either the "Other Profiles" or "Links" section and add a new Custom Link.
  3. Paste your vizCard SearchMe link into the URL field. 
  4. Type "Mobile Business Card" or "Get My Mobile Business Card in the Label.
  5. Click Save

You're done! Your Mobile Business Card is now displayed on your Google+ Profile.

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