How to Report a Bug, Issue or Feature Request

Thank you for using vizCards. By definition, the current Beta release is not final, and there are still bugs lurking around out there. We are very busy fixing those bugs, but for now, there are some that we haven’t had time to fix.

This post lists some of the known issues that are in VS 2010 Beta 2. It’s not in my powers to maintain a comprehensive list here, I’ll just mention the ones which I was personally involved with in my day-to-day work. Apologies that I have found them too late, but I guess better late then never...

This Forum lists some of the known issues that are in the current Beta release.While we will try to be as comprehensive as possible in listing bugs and issues, we may not be able to include every possible item here. 

As a vizCard user, you are officially granted the title of Beta Tester. We encourage you to share your suggestions for improving the product, and we also ask that you report any issues that you find. It's pretty simple to send us your comments. 

Reporting Bugs / Issues 
Before reporting any bugs, please review this forum to make sure they are not currently known issues. If you have additional information to share about an issue, please add comments to that posting. 

If you have an issue that is not currently listed here, please email and include as much information as possible. Here are some recommended details to include in your bug report: 

  • Web browser used 
  • Operating system (Windows 7.0, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc.) 
  • Steps to reproduce the issue (be as detailed as possible) 
  • The full text of any error messages
  • If you are able to try using a different web browser, does it also happen with that? 

The more details you provide the easier it will be for our developers to fix the issue. 

Making Feature Requests / Suggestions 
We also welcome any ideas you have for making even better! Please send any requests and suggestions to 

We look forward to growing vizCards into a service that you can count on for years to come. 

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