Add vizCard to Hotmail


It's easy to add your vizCard to your Hotmail email signature. Before you begin, sign into and copy your vizCard Email Signature Link. You'll find your Email Signature Link on the Share My Online Identity tab. 

Once you have your email signature link, sign into Hotmail and follow these steps:

  1. Sign into Hotmail and choose More options... under the Options menu.
  2. Click the Personal email signature link.
  3. Type "My Mobile Business Card" or "See My Mobile Business Card" where you want your link to appear within your email signature.
  4. Highlight all of this text, then click the small Link icon (it looks like a chain link). 
  5. Paste your Email Signature Link into the Address field and click OK.
  6. Click Save

You're done! Your Mobile Business Card is now included in your email signature.

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