Add vizCard to Your Printed Resume

You can easily add your vizCard Web Link or a QR Code to your printed resume. Before you begin, sign into and copy your vizCard web link located in "Share My Online Identity" tab. Once you have your vizCard web link, simply paste it into your resume with your other contact information as shown underneath the email address.


You can also add a QR Code to view your vizCard. Choosing the QR Code option will allow anyone with a smart phone or other device with a scanner app to view your vizCard on their phone or device. You can get access to your QR Code by signing into, click on "Share My Online Identity" tab and click on Download QR Code. You can place the QR Code in your resume as shown in the example below.


Now anyone who is looking at your resume can easily get access to your vizCard by just typing the web link into their web browser or scanning your QR Code. If you email your resume, the web link can also be a hot link allowing the recipient to click and view your vizCard.

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